About AusCHS

Australian College of Higher Studies

Maxwell's Services Pty Ltd. Trading as Australian College of Higher Studies (AusCHS) commenced operations as an RTO about 12 years ago and is a National Training Organisation delivering nationally recognised qualifications across Australia.

We are a Learning College.

We are about Learning and Development. Students are studying with us from across Australia to advance their knowledge, keep minds open and progressing and assisting people build skills and knowledge, get better employment or plan a pathway to University. You could be just starting or be one of our high level employed students who still need a re-focus on a topic or an update.

We are an incubator for Successful People

We are about Succeeding. Those who study with us want to succeed in areas of their life. Successful study results build bridges and pathways to what you want. Our students see success as a reward, our students are Achievers. Many have won awards and are recognised in their workplaces as High Achievers

We appreciate the effort our students put into their studies and see them achieve deserved success. We are about succeeding in personal, study and business areas.

Our head office is in Bungendore NSW and we are centrally located to easily reach NSW and by air to all Australian States.

Our clients range from Federal and State to Local Government and we have contracts with some of Australia's top companies.

Our Mission:

To be an effective provider of employment focused training in Australia that is respectful and tailored to meet the needs of each individual student.

Our Vision:

To be the partner of choice for the provision of high quality, client-centred training.

Our Values:

We believe in the individual, equity and maximum opportunity for our students and clients.

AusCHS Values:


AusCHS seeks to be responsive to the many and varied needs of our students, clients and stakeholders. This includes developing innovative and cost effective ways of maximizing training and assessment initiatives for students and clients.


Quality forms an essential part of AusCHS service delivery and as an RTO it complies with the Australian Quality Training Framework 2010 (AQTF 2010), safety and applicable quality standards And Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) national regulator NVR RTO standards. AusCHS regards continuous improvement as an essential part of its business.


AusCHS recognises the RTO training and assessment services it delivers, play a critical role in the ongoing success of our students and clients' affairs. AusCHS continues to actively pursue innovative ways to enhance students and clients' behaviours, skills and competencies across all training and assessment programs.

AusCHS also values:

  • Acting with integrity in all dealings with staff, students, clients and stakeholders.
  • Identifying and effectively utilising individuality and diversity in the overall development of people.
  • Operating in an environmentally conscious manner.
  • Development and maintenance of respectful relationships with staff, students, employers, trainees, clients and stakeholders.
  • Developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with Industry and its representatives.
  • Responsiveness to staff, students, clients and stakeholders needs.