At the Australian College of Higher Studies (AUSCHS), we will:

  • Conduct all business dealings with clients in an ethical manner.
  • Provide all that we commit to provide and more.
  • Induct and employ highly experienced staff and contractors with the qualifications, competencies and industrial experience to meet our clients and government requirements.
  • Deliver nationally accredited training within our scope of registration.
  • Maintain accident, fire, safety and evacuation information for any AUSCHS venue.
  • Operate under all the relevant Commonwealth and State legislation and regulations.
  • Provide an encouraging learning and development environment for students.
  • Work in an environment of continuous evaluation and improvement.
  • Maintain appropriate and current insurance coverage.
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of all activities in line with the requirements of State and Commonwealth legislation.
  • Maintain the requirements of information privacy principles (clause 14 of the privacy act 1988 – Commonwealth) privacy and confidentiality requirements.
  • Keep accurate and complete financial records.
  • Ensure that staff and clients have the latest version of relevant procedure documents.
  • Conduct all marketing and advertising in an ethical manner. The college will comply with the National Operational Protocol for the marketing of recognized training.
  • Ensure the quality of training and assessment of any partner organization.
  • Conduct all student recruitment activities with regard to equity principles to ensure that no groups including groups with lower participation rates in training are not disadvantaged.
  • Strive to integrate the needs of people with disabilities within the capacity of the business to meet those needs.
  • Advertise all fees and charges and ensure that these are fully understood before accepting any payment.
  • Refund all fees and payments made if a course is cancelled or the student withdraws from the course before the application closing date.
  • Ensure the health and safety of students at AUSCHS venues.
  • Recognize an individual’s prior learning, irrespective of how or where the learning has taken place.
  • Issue qualifications and statements of attainment in accordance with the specific requirements of individual training packages and accredited courses within our scope of registration.
  • Obtain and use feedback on all aspects of its organization, including its staff, training and assessment, business processes and services.
  • Promote pathways for further education, training and employment for its students.
  • Not tolerate discrimination.
  • Provide equal access and equity for our applicants and students.

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