Maxwells Services Pty Ltd. T/A Australian College of Higher Studies RTO-90924, has been registered since 2003. We offer both Nationally accredited Qualifications and non-accredited courses.

We provide services to those:

  • Who want recognition
  • Who want a career move
  • Who want a job

What makes us the perfect choice?

  • We are Reliable
  • We provide real service
  • We are advocates of upskilling our own staff and are constantly learning and upgrading
  • Our students have their own mentor for extra encouragement and support.
  • We focus on “on the job” training given by AUSCHS people, not solely professional trainers. That means training is always relevant and our managers are both mentors and teachers, communicating knowledge as part of their daily routine.


We offer payment plans suitable to your needs


Our team is extremely passionate, experienced and committed to help you succeed. We are on the cutting edge of business needs and tailor our programs to meet demand, through our team networks, employer connections and funded programs.


Our entire team is always supporting and engaging with our clients on a regular basis; you will have an everlasting experience studying with us

Our growing number of clients have been with us for years due to the service given to them and this is a testimonial of our commitment to delivering outcomes.


We completely understand the priorities of Small Businesses and their expectations.


  • We will give you the skills you need
  • We will ensure that you have all the support available
  • We will give you the best mode of study to suit your needs and expectations
  • Our online studies are straight forward and user friendly
  • You will get the result you wish to have : career progression, upgraded salary, increased job satisfaction
  • We will give you the right career advice and pathways within AUSCHS or as a pathway towards University studies.
  • You will have access to an Individual Assessor specifically for you with all our team at your disposal for any support and training
  • Providing feedback on an ongoing basis


  • Tailoring training to your business needs
  • Offering Traineeships/ Apprenticeships
  • Increased retention of team members
  • Increased sales / revenue
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased performance
  • Keeping you updated on the progress of your team training on a regular basis
  • Our Business Development Consultant will be in touch with you on a regular basis giving you update on the benefits from various Government incentives

Our Courses

The courses we offer are nationally recognised which are offered with flexibility in mind ensuring the needs and requirements of an individual and/or group.
We are here for you to offer our services to work out what is the best pathway for you to take. We value previous experience and provide you with the opportunities of recognition of your skills and a previous study (RPL and Credit Transfer)

Our Mission

To be an effective provider of employment-focused training in Australia that is respectful and tailored to meet the needs of each individual student.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for the provision of high quality, client-centered training.

Our Values

We believe in the individual, equity and maximum opportunity for our students and clients.


Australian College of Higher Studies, RTO- 90924 offers a broad range of nationally recognised qualifications across a number of different industries


AUSCHS is a long-established Nationally Registered Training Organisation providing services for over 17 years to thousands of satisfied clients, employers, businesses.


It’s easy to study with us. We offer various modes of study: online, face to face, work-based, distance/correspondence, customised to your needs with blended delivery.

We have a rolling intake – you can start your course anytime with us, study at your own pace (online-based delivery) and study intensively or at your desired pace.


The following support services are available and accessible for all students studying with AUSCHS. AUSCHS will provide students with contact details to refer any matters that require further follow up with relevant professionals.

1. Peer-assisted study sessions

These sessions can be organised by us to help guide you through course material for a unit.

2. Mentoring

Each student is allocated a Trainer and a Mentor upon enrolment who is available to you for guidance and support throughout the duration of your studies with us.

3. Language, Literacy and Numeracy support

The ACSF informs the identification and description of underpinning English language, literacy and numeracy features and requirements within competency standards. LLN requirements of participants will be assessed using LLN assessment form completed upon enrolment. LLN needs of Learners will be taken into consideration in the delivery and assessment of this qualification.

The following processes will be applied for students

• Learning and assessment materials are written in plain English.
• Delivery modes are negotiated to meet the needs of a diverse range of learners.
• Entry to courses is in accordance with equal opportunity legislation, anti-discrimination legislation.

Support strategies include:

• Identifying particular requirements (such as literacy, numeracy, English language or physical capabilities) learners would need to complete each course and if necessary, referring them to specialist services prior to enrolling in the course.
• Developing strategies to make support available where gaps are identified.
• Assistive technology
• Additional tutorials

4. Reasonable adjustment

Reasonable adjustment is the process of adjusting our intended methods of learning and assessment to accommodate the unique requirements of our clients yet remaining within the constraints of the training package whilst still applying the principles of assessment.

Reasonable Adjustment should be catered for without compromising assessment conditions. For example, the Trainer/Assessor should withdraw from assessment to protect privacy, confidentiality and potentially company security concerns. In this instance, Reasonable Adjustment needs to be applied i.e. using a different form of Assessment or a simulated environment.

We are committed to assisting all of our clients where within our capacity to complete the course. To ensure we understand where we can assist we ask our students to self-identify any areas that we can assist them in. Our options and approach to English language literacy have been raised earlier.

Obviously, the trainer/assessor can make their own observations as to how they can modify our assessment process to meet the needs of our students. In the case of this course, possible areas of Reasonable Adjustment include: Shorter more frequent sessions for people with attention issues, the use of colour paper or tinted transparencies to assist those with dyslexia. In general, the student will know what form of reasonable adjustment suits their needs address these options with the student but ensure the needs of the Training Package are met, any requests for Reasonable Adjustment that cannot immediately be accommodated should be discussed with the CEO, and where we cannot accommodate the request, we will refer the Student onto a suitable organisation.

5. Face to Face Support

Contact us in person by visiting us or having a face time chat or video conferencing

  • Face to face at- 13 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore, NSW 2621
  • Face Time Call- 0488912225
  • Video Conferencing (make a prior arrangement)- AUSCHS on Google+, Skype
  • Online: Email us on or or
  • Phone:1300600888 or 0421661998 or 0488912225
  • Make a booking with our Career advice specialist by calling us on 1300600888

6. Career Advice

Make a booking with our Career advice specialist by calling us on 1300600888

7. Employment advice

Get contacts from us for different Job Service Australia providers or Australian Apprenticeship Centres who we work with us or call us on 1300600888

8. Further Study options

Email us or contact us by phone or come and see us in person at the following address:-

13 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore, NSW 2621

9. Lifeline

Lifeline provides all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to online, phone and face-to-face crisis support and suicide prevention services. Find out how these services can help you, a friend or loved one. Phone: 13 11 14 or visit

10. Reading and Writing Hotline

For the price of a local call anywhere in Australia, the Hotline can provide you with advice and a referral to one of 1200 providers of courses in adult literacy and numeracy. Phone: 1300 655 506 or visit

At AUSCHS we engage our students on a regular basis through phone calls, emails and web chats. The clients are offered a schedule with designated training dates with choice of online face to face video conferences, ongoing training support (if and when required- 24/7), regular email correspondence to provide additional support.

Even though you might not be with us in person, we’ll be with you throughout your studies.

We send emails and correspondence from time to time to our clients seeking Feedback on their studies and asking if there is anything that we may do to help support our students, employers and industry. Take these opportunities to share your feedback for us to improve and give you the best experience of studying with us.

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